The List!

For your convenience (and my own personal organization) I’m copying my Israel bucket list/goals/hopes etc. below. I will update it every time I complete a list item!
-Items in green have been completed.
-Items in purple are in process, but are not one and done items, therefore will never really be complete.
-Items in black are still to be completed.
Each week (or as they come to me), I will add more items to the bottom of the list. Feel free to reach out if you have a must-do item in Israel that hasnt made my list yet!

  1. Eat hummus in Jaffa
  2. Explore Neve Tsedek
  3. Eat sufganiyot at Hannukah
  4. Find the best local falafel
  5. Find the best local sabich
  6. Walk on the tayelet at sunset
  7. Play volleyball on the beach
  8. Learn matkot
  9. Run in the Tel Aviv Marathon
  10. Hike the entire Israel National Trail (6-8 weeks)
  11. Go camping on the beach
  12. Swim in the Jordan River
  13. Put a prayer in the Western Wall
  14. Order an ice coffee completely in Hebrew
  15. Try Malabi
  16. Barter with a stand owner at the shuk
  17. Learn how to make shakshuka
  18. Learn all the words to a mizrahit song
  19. Work for an Israeli company
  20. Complete Duolingo for Hebrew
  21. Spend a day exploring Rothschild Blvd.
  22. Walk from one side of Park Yarkon to the other
  23. Go in the Tel Aviv balloon
  24. Write down at least one thing per day that you are thankful for
  25. Eat at HaBasta (Shuk HaCarmel)
  26. Eat at HaHalutzim (Shuk Levintin)
  27. Watch a sunset from Hilton Hill
  28. Have a picnic in Park Yarkon
  29. Drink “The Gazoz” from Café Levinsky
  30. See a camel
  31. Have all my best friends visit Israel
  32. Visit a Kibbutz
  33. Visit a farm
  34. Do yoga on the beach
  35. Start a business venture
  36. Volunteer at a gan
  37. Run 5 races per year
  38. Try a new fruit
  39. Eat what’s in season
  40. Buy all fruits and veggies from the Shuk
  41. Buy art from an Israeli artist
  42. Find a synagogue that makes you feel at home
  43. Stay shomer Shabbat for a week
  44. Learn how to sup
  45. Go swimming in the Mediterranean at night
  46. Ask a stranger for directions in Hebrew
  47. Eat Baklava in Majdal Shams (Druze village near Golan Hieghts)
  48. Do one thing per day that helps you grow: and be conscious about it. Write it down.
  49. Reflect often. You can’t grow without looking back at what you were.
  50. Make a new tradition with a new friend
  51. Eat Shabbat dinner at an Israeli’s house
  52. Eat ice cream from Arte Gelateria
  53. Drink fresh made juice from the shuk
  54. Live in an apartment with a balcony. Grow plants and vegetables on said balcony.
  55. Eat a cream puff from Bakery TLV
  56. Become a dog walker
  57. Travel with an Israeli passport
  58. Go to the concert of an Israeli musician
  59. Eat a gouda sandwich from Shuk HaNamal
  60. Taste 10 different kinds of Israeli olives
  61. Take a weekend and relax in Eilat
  62. See the Iron Dome
  63. Watch the sunrise on the beach
  64. Float in the Dead Sea and cover yourself in mud
  65. Hike at Masada
  66. Go to a hot spring in Gan HaShlosha National Park
  67. Go biking in Rosh HaNikra and see the grottoes
  68. See the Bahai Gardens in Haifa
  69. Visit Ein Gedi
  70. Befriend a stranger at the gym
  71. Learn how to sail
  72. Hold my own in a conversation with a native Israeli in Hebrew
  73. See the flamingos that mysteriously live in the south of Israel
  74. Celebrate an Israeli holiday with all Israelis
  75. Attend an Israeli wedding
  76. Become a certified diver
  77. Work for a start-up in “Start-Up Nation”
  78. Go on at least five hikes listed on
  79. Try kenafe in Nazareth (thanks to reader Adel for this list item suggestion!)
  80. Visit the Timna Valley (thanks to reader Eran for this list item suggestion!)
  81. Hike at Nahal Yehudiah (thanks to reader Dan for this list item suggestion!)
  82. Visit the Freedom Farm Sanctuary
  83. Live on a Kibbutz
  84. Get my first Israeli pet!
  85. Cross off one thing on this list every single week
  86. Add one more thing to this list every single week
  87. Pray everyday because you are in the most holy and wonderful place on earth! You made it! Now go live every moment for all it’s worth!